A dialogue with Shri Avinash Parekh
Respected Vaishnavjan,

Jai Shri. Krishna! 

Smt. Bhagirathi Charitable Trust, a registered charitable Trust, dedicated to the propagation of the divine principles of Shrimad Vallabhaharyaji, is happy to share with enlightened Vaishnavjans like you the gratifying information that there will now be a recognised platform to create awareness and impart systematic knowledge about the teachings of Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji, the great spiritual scholar and highly literate personality of 16th century. The Trust firmly believes that the school of thought established by Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji is relevant in modern world as well, in mitigating misery, confusion, conflicts and commotion; and that it needs to be propagated systematically.

Smt. Bhagirathi Charitable Trust has been active in promotion and management of Vraj Vihar, Vaishnav Haveli at Kandivli (East), Mumbai. The Trust, by grace of God, has now established "Vallabh Vedant Academy & Research Centre" under the Dept. of Philosophy, University of Mumbai - the premier university of India - for organizing Certificate, Diploma and Post Graduate courses based on Vallabh Vedant Philosophy propounded by Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji. The Trust is also desirous of sponsoring research on Vallabh Vedant by offering financial support to those dedicated to this unique spiritual order, which has been a mighty stream within the Bhakti movement.

The syllabi of various courses are being finalized by the Dept. of Philosophy in consultation with the scholars of Vallabh Vedant. The academic course is specially aimed at the youth who desire to find their roots in the spiritual and philosophical order of Shri Vallabhacharyaji. This effort is blessed by various Vallabh Kul Goswamis, who have shown great interest, besides giving valuable advise. The syllabi will include comparative study of various philosophies including their history, critical analysis, culture and literature and also the relevance of Vallabh Vedant in modern times.
We envisage that "Vallabh Vedant Academy & Research Centre" will commence its operations from the academic year beginning with June 2005. Initially, weekend part time "Certificate Courses" will be introduced and subsequently other academic courses will also be added for the benefit of all seeking the deeper meaning and beauty of Vaishnavism and the true understanding of the principles and teachings of Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji. 

We feel happy over the fact that the teaching of the principles and philosophy of Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji will now be put forth as a systematic academic exercise, which can show an enlightened path to the seekers of the Ultimate Truth.

Let us be together in this noble endeavour!

Avinash B. Parekh
Founder, Vallabh Vedant Foundation
Chief Trustee, Smt. Bhagirathi Charitable Trust